Shirley Kimmell


Shirley received her Master of Science degree in Counseling Education from Portland State University. Her Mentor, Stephen Wolinsky, is a pioneer of Quantum Psychology. Her Teacher of Non-Dualism, Nisargadatta, died in 1981, Bombay , India

Licenses & Certificates

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Oregon
  • Certified Mental Health Supervisor, State of Oregon
  • Certified Hypnotherapist HMI

Brief History

After graduating from PSU, Shirley became the Director and lead therapist of the Portland Hypnosis Center, teaching “Trance Busting” Classes, leading groups and providing therapy to individual adults and adolescents. She and her husband George, have 8 children, 7 grandchildren and one of the grandchildren who is 12 years old lives with them. Their family lives as far away as Georgia, and as near as 67th Avenue in Portland. George is a retired Pharmacist and has worked in the past for the Portland Hypnosis Center as a therapist specializing in nicotine and chewing tobacco cessation.

Treatment Approach

Shirley restricts her practice to high-functioning individuals who have been caught in an emotional or addictive trap. Her clinical mission is to collaborate with each client to discover the triggers or self-sabotage and to discover the resources and faculties to achieve good outcomes as defined by the client.

Emotional Issues: Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Insomnia, Nail Biting, Overeating, Anger, Overreactions

Solving the patterns are tricky because everything looks different when you are angry, demoralized, craving or in pain than when you are cool, calm, and confident. Accessing, utilizing and fine tuning these skills are supported with hypnotic protocols and by listening to the CD made during the session for reinforcement.

Relapse Prevention: Problem Drinking, Nicotine Cessation, Weight Management, Motivation Enhancement, Confidence Building