Positive Thinking Yields Positive Results

Thinking positively is extremely beneficial to a person and can change their life significantly. By using your mind to think positively, you will find that your ideas will materialize into happiness and well-being. The law of attraction states that positive thoughts yield positive results while negative thoughts result in bad outcomes.

Imagine you’re applying for a job and you go into the interview with a bad attitude about said job. Even worse, you go in with a bad attitude about yourself and have malicious expectations. Your shirt is wrinkled and your hair looks a mess since you didn’t have time to iron or comb your hair (probably since you spent all morning fretting over the interview you would later have). If your potential employer picks up on this you will most likely not get the job you want. However, if you were to walk into that job with a smile and great confidence in yourself and your abilities, you will get that job. Instead of seeing a non confident potential employee, they see someone who can walk into work every day with a smile and get the job done. Though most people think it’s the nice outfit and the handshake that seal the deal, it’s really the attitude you have going into the interview to begin with.

The best thing about positive thinking is the chain reaction, it starts just by one person feeling good about life. Whether we know it or not we affect those around us in many ways. We’ve all been the driver on the road who beeps and screams at the person in front of us who can’t seem to go any faster than 20 miles per hour. Your anger and frustration is sending negative energy out, causing other people stress and repeating the cycle over and over. It doesn’t only work negatively though. What if while you’re behind that slow person you notice some children playing in a park across the street? You would not have seen them if you have had been traveling at your normal speed. From the simple smile you get from seeing children, the positive energy spreads. Now you can get to work with a smile and maybe your smile will make someone else smile. It’s an endless cycle of being happy.

Maybe now you can see that positive thinking isn’t just something to help eliminate stress, but a way of life. Just remember: Positive thoughts give positive results, while negative – well, don’t worry about the negative.

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