Dealing with Fear Based Emotions

Fear is a powerful emotion which dominates the mind. Dealing with this destructive emotion can be a never-ending battle. Anytime the self image is threatened, fear enters the mind and the ego goes to work. Although the ego is a tool needed for our self esteem, it’s also responsible for creating most of our thoughts of fear.

Webster’s dictionary defines fear as: “to be afraid or anxious or apprehensive about a possible situation or event.” This possible situation is the ego telling your mind what may or may not happen. With these endless thoughts of fear, the ego kicks in and the mind begins to rationalize into infinity.

Mental Stress

Each day the ego works hard to keep the mind aware of: self esteem, self preservation, mental inadequacies, looking foolish, and fears of failure at any given moment. All of these fear based emotions are manipulated by the egotistical mind. Now you’re lost in the mind’s maze of never-ending thoughts. Just as one thought leaves the mind a dozen more thoughts enter.

There are many states of fear such as: frightened, dread, fright, horror, alarm, afraid, and also trepidation. Living in fear is when the ego has taken over control the mind because the mental perception of reality has collapsed. Now the only way the mind can exist is to live from one moment to the next awaiting what “might” happen next.

Fear Based Emotions

Dread is a strong sense of fear, especially when the feeling of powerlessness enters the mind. Now you’ve lost the “mental” foot race even before it began, because your mind has already told you of your failures over and over again. So you learn to dwell in the feeling of hopelessness.

Panic is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as: “to be overcome by sudden fears; an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety.” Panic is an emotional fear which is sometimes groundless, and can also be brought on by the endless emotion of dread. Most of these inner thoughts of fear can be purged from the mind, but first you have to learn to be mentally conscious of your thoughts.

When you live in fear you soon become archaic (to feel fear within) and now it’s beginning to affect your body also. Now, the ego has you just where it wants you; totality dependent, and worrying about anything which threatens your image of self.

Now, that you’ve learned where the emotion of fear comes from, you’re ready to learn how to effectively deal with fear and nip it in the bud before it begins to grow. Here are a few steps you can practice to help eliminate “most” of the fears in you mind. Although no one can ever live totally without fear, you can learn to put fear just where it belongs; in the back of your mind.

Mental Awareness

Listen to the thoughts which enter your mind, and throw out the regrets from the past and endless worries of the future. These are useless thoughts which usually turn into thoughts of fear when you tend to dwell on them. The mind likes to reply old thoughts of past failures and worries of the future, so be mentally conscious and don’t even go there; this is the ego kicking up its heels again. Throw out these useless worries and regrets and start all over again.

Anytime a thought enters your mind which you have no control of, immediately toss it out of your mind. Don’t give these thoughts time to grow, this is the first mistake. Once you’ve let the ego take over, the mind and the ego then goes to work doing what they both do best, which is to keep you problem solving (in your mind) for the rest of eternity.

Thought Patterns

The mind is the strongest muscle we have, and yes it loves to be used. The ego feeds the mind, but your conscious self can also feed the mind. When your mental consciousness is lacking, the ego jumps in and starts the race. Here’s how to beat the ego to the punch.

Keep your mind busy (if it has to be) with productive ways of thought such as: creativity, helping others, a hobby or activity, or reading; anything which interests your mind. Nootropic drugs in this scenario can be of great help, keeping your mind at its busiest state – aiming to become productive in that sense, it is definitely helpful. When your mind reverts back to the old ways of thought (fear) immediately change your thought patterns to a positive one.

Always understand when fear enters the mind, usually it’s not a life threatening situation, and there’s nothing that you can do about it at this moment in time. Don’t let the mind take you over and over the same thoughts of fear. Break the pattern of thought!

After awhile the mind will begin to adapt to your new way of thought and the ego will be diminished a little. Although, we can never totally get rid of the ego, we can help change the hyper active ego to a healthier one.

Learn to Meditate

This is an action which should be practiced daily just as you would brush your teeth. Meditation is a way to rid the mind of the excess mental chatter. Practiced meditation can take your mind to the quiet spot which lies inside of us all; this I believe is the God part of us.

Visualization is a good type of meditation which can help to focus the mind, and also remove some of the fears which exist within. Focusing on your breathing is also an excellent way of stopping the mental chatter. When you concentrate on your breathing, your mind is focused in another area: your inner body, and the feeling or sense of body.

Meditation can be done with instructional tapes or just peaceful music. If it’s possible, join a spiritual study group in your area where meditation can be taught. There are literally thousands of books on the market or the Internet where meditation information can be had. Find a type of meditation which you’re comfortable with, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Living in a world of mental fear is a hideous thing to conceive. But you can stop this fear if you really have the desire. The desire to overcome fear starts with mental awareness of the mind. You have to truly believe in yourself, and know that fear is “not” an option!

Don’t throw away the most precious gift you have just because you’re afraid to start. Remember this is the ego again, not the true you. Your mental outlook lies in the balance of this decision. What happens next is just a mental step away.