We are Back w/ a New Layout

We are proud to announce that PDX Hypnosis Center has a brand new location with a brand new layout! We have completely redesigned our office in order to make it a better environment for our customers. Late last year, we consulted with a medical office space planning company ¬†about creating a new office space that would best fit our client’s needs. After months of planning and working round the clock to make this possible, we now have a fresh new office design!

The Layout

The new layout is designed with our customers in mind. We developed this with the sole purpose of providing a better experience for all of our clients. As part of this process, we enlarged the waiting area and made it more spacious and comfortable. We added more comfortable seats and added 2 HD television sets to allow for a better wait time. Additionally, we made room to create an extra “office” for hypnosis sessions, allowing us to treat multiple patients at the same time. This will allow us to increase efficiency and get you in faster with lower wait times.

The Design

PDX Hypnosis Center was designed with calming colors and a better environment. We designed the office to give our patients a calm feeling before they go into their session. There will be soft, relaxing music playing while you wait to help relax you. Additionally, the lighting has been adjusted to be less bright. We did away with the fluorescent¬†lighting and got more dim, relaxing lights that don’t give you a headache.

Please Come Check us Out

We would love for you to be a part of our hypnosis center. Please visit us to see our new digs!

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